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scuba diving in the Algarve
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Scuba diving in the Algarve has steadily grown in popularity. The Atlantic ocean that borders the coast line of Portugal is rich in sea life and offers fantastic wreck diving opportunities. PADI sets the standard in diving and dive training throughout the world and now it is possible to learn diving in the Algarve with a fully licensed PADI Portugal dive centre in Alvor, Algarve, Portugal.

Exclusive divers operate from the Dom Joo II hotel in Alvor and have a highly experienced team of multi-lingual PADI dive instructors at your disposal. Exclusive Divers dive school offer all PADI courses from beginner try dives all the way up to PADI Rescue Diver and Emergency First Response. You can discover scuba diving in the Algarve, by first learning the basics in the hotel pool; only progressing to open water Algarve diving once you are comfortable in the water and have achieved all required diving certification.

Experienced scuba divers can enjoy advanced PADI courses in Portugal, in some of the most exciting waters in Europe. The Atlantic Ocean that borders the Algarve region of Portugal has some fantastic and challenging dive sites that offer new experiences for even the most seasoned diver. Diving in Portugal is not to be missed!

Exclusive Divers are leaders in Algarve diving and diving in Portugal. Exclusive Divers are co-founders of SPEXS ( The Portuguese Association of Underwater Explorers and Archaeologists) and members of APOM ( The Portuguese society of Diving Companies and Underwater Technicians). Diving Ecology is an important area of concern for all PADI Dive Centers and as such, Exclusive Divers also work alongside organisations such as FIEPO (The International Foundation of Oceanic Exploration and Protection).

As well as diving in the Algarve, Exclusive Divers have dive centres in Lisbon, Portugal (Cascais) and in Cabo verde, off of the coast of Africa. The dive centre in Lisbon has been a 5 star PADI Gold Palm resort since 2007; operating license n798177.

Diving Portugal has never been so much fun! Exclusive Divers would love to welcome you and your family to join us scuba diving in the Algarve, diving in Portugal or even diving in Cabo Verde. Please take the time to look around our scuba diving in Portugal website and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about diving in Algarve or PADI Portugal. Scuba diving is great fun for all ages and we are sure that if you try Algarve scuba diving or scuba diving in Portugal, you'll want to dive Portugal again and again.

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